AdrenalinX offers a wide range of exciting activities and events that will get your staff working together and having fun together! We’ve packed our Adventure Park with high-quality pursuits that offer some of the most rewarding team building in Pretoria. Whether you want test your nerves on the climbing wall or pick your sides for some fast-paced paintball action – we’re confident there’s something for everyone, and we maintain the highest standards of equipment to ensure you’re in the safest hands possible.

Does your team need a boost, or have you had a shake-up at work and need to encourage coordination and cooperation across multiple departments? Team building at Pretoria’s AdrenalinX is the perfect place to bring your staff – and we offer exceptional rates on everything we do!

Rock Climbing

We have a state-of-the-art climbing wall that stands 11.5 meters tall – ready to be conquered by anyone with a will to get to the top. Get a taste for one of the fastest-growing sports in South Africa and meet the challenge in a professional and supportive atmosphere. There’s nothing to beat the feeling of reaching the top – come to AdrenalinX and see for yourself!


Once you’ve mastered the climbing wall we have a faster way down – abseiling! Suitable for both children and adults it’s a great way for your staff to support each other from the top or the bottom – and with no experience needed and all equipment provided, everyone can try their hand.

Archery Range

There are plenty of metaphors in archery to apply to the business world – and whether you’re looking to hit targets or steady your aim for a current project – archery’s incredible fun and a great way to test your skill with a bow. Challenge yourself and your team to a little healthy competition and see who’s the modern-day Robin Hood!


For the ultimate teambuilding in Pretoria, it has to be paintball – you even get to shoot your boss! The excitement and heart-pounding exhilaration that comes when you’re out on the field, hunting and being hunted, is almost impossible to describe – and it’s the perfect way to build communication, reduce stress and have so much fun you won’t want to go home!